• 27 AUG 13


    The RC MedReview commitment is that you pay only for your success and not for our effort in getting you there.


    RC MedReview is dedicated to serving you! If you use our USMLE Step 1 & 2 CS, or COMLEX Level 1 & 2 CE review courses, watch all the lectures as directed, follow the content in the books, and still do not pass your board examination, you will receive continued access to the course tuition-free until you pass your exam.

    How is it that RC MedReview has such an incredible guarantee that is unmatched by any other review program?

    The answer is that we are extremely confident in our educational method. We have designed our program in a way that provides you with ONLY the topics that you need to know to succeed on your examination.


    Its simple — with the RC MedReview Guarantee, pass your exam or:

     - Take our course tuition-free until you pass!

  • Our content is updated frequently to include new practice guidelines and recommendations!

  • Not sure how to study? We’ll provide you with a personalized study schedule to help you utilize your time effectively!

  • We are dedicated to helping you succeed on your examination, therefore, we guarantee our products!

  • Need advice on how to succeed on your exam? We provide personal and thorough advising to ensure your success on your boards and wards.